Friday, February 27, 2009

I laugh at your stupidity, then cry at your ugliness.

So it came to my attention this afternoon, on how weird (and possibly dumb) some people are. A good friend of mine was feeling a bit down, after some rude and unsupportive comments on her blog on friendster (ed: who the hell still uses friendster anyway? lol). Being all the way across the globe for another month or so from her beloved encik manisan, and being the awesome person that I am, I tried to understand her predicament; you know, to help her out a bit, moral support and all that jazz. I'm not gonna link the original post, because it's gonna turn out ugly. Trust me, I'm trying to protect you. Maybe.

She's what you call an "in-your-face" kinda gal, and apparently some peeps were peeved with her blog entry. She wrote on how she was trying to become a new and better person, and that she'll be getting married soon to the aforementioned beloved person, how she's in San Fransisco right now and missing him, and then some. And as someone who knows her for quite some time, I knew she was trying, and that she wrote from her heart. What I don't get is why they (the "flamers") won't let her, and keep pissing her off. I kinda know that they hold a grudge toward her, but I'm a believer of the saying "if you don't have anything good to say, than stfu pls". I confided to yoshz, that I felt ashamed of being called a human being after reading the flames.

A few of them were role-playing as, get this: alim, holier-than-thou people. Seriously. I mean, they were saying how bad my friend is, how promiscuous she is (and insinuated that she still sleeps around), and one comment even compared her to a dog, and not in the cute puppy way. There were a lot of sarcastic and malicious remarks thrown out, and even towards encik manisan who doesn't have anything to do with it. Oh, and don't forget a dig toward her ex-partner, who happens to be of the dark-skinned race. I'm not perfect, and I make fun of other races (including my own) all the time too, but saying, and I quote:

"OMG, kau ambil bekas2 keling ni wey! yucks!" ,
which was a comment for yoshz; and

"i saw the pics. duh, lain kali nak ehem-ehem dengan keling, cari yang hensem sikit boleh? bukannye takde. asal dapat je nak bagi c***p you kat sesiapa you ni kan? ops sorry, it’s your sex life, i shouldn’t comment.

...and I was like, wtf? *tilts head slightly and frowns*

The thing is, not only you commented when you said you shouldn't (on which I wholesomely agree you shouldn't as it made you look stupid), your sarcasm is unintelligent, and done in poor fashion. It borders between childish maliciousness and just... plain... retarded. It's shallow and superficial as well. It's sad, really.

Why are you so angry and hateful? Did the doctor drop you when you were born, making you act irrationally because of brain damage? Or did daddy touch you when you were little, traumatizing you and hating all human beings?

My heart bleeds for you. I'm being honest here. It really is sad seeing people so full of spite for another human being.

Now, the hypocrisy of it all, is that while they're making it look like they're the better persons than my friend here, they throw out barbed comments like these. And some were, like, berlagak alim. I almost reconsidered being the same religion as they are. I'm not perfect, but who the fuck are you to judge people that way? True, I may look like a hypocrite myself by making it look like I, myself, am judging them, but actually I'm not. Judging them, that is. I'm just pointing out the obvious. I mean, come on!

Seriously. If this is your idea of being the "better" person, then I'll better start shooting kittens and ramming old people with my shopping cart while plotting to bomb the parliament building. You know, to be a better person, by your standards.


That's how you do it.

Watch, and learn, piglets.

These people might not read my blog, but who cares, these are just my opinions. And it's my blog, I'm supposed to put angry shit here once in a while. It's what people do, right? Don't worry, this blog is still majorly created as an art blog of sorts. Sometimes I just need to rant a bit. Not being an emo or anything. I won't be slitting wrists and leaving my twitching, lifeless body for my housemates to find all decomposed next week. Nope. I'm too laidback and carefree that I'm almost a like a hippy, but without the pot.