Saturday, January 31, 2009


A haiku:

Swimming in your brains,
Sucking your thoughts,

We be makin' badges yo. Check out aDerein's blog, she got a button machine today! w00t!

Vampoles = Vampiric tadpoles. I got this idea when aDe was complaining about seeing tadpoles in her mind when she was thinking too hard. Poor girl *pats aDe gently*.

p/s: the watermark won't be there when we print it lulz. leave a message if you want one.


Anonymous said...

aawww that's so cute!
amazing how ideas coming out from thinking too hard..hwaha~

Cieri said...

send some to cieri leh?
FOC ne?hehehe~

mahata said...


exactly! tah camne tah tetibe je dpt idea camni haha!


fufufu mintak aDe watkan XDDD

Johan said...

i want one!

mahata said...


hoho meh2 dtg kl nnt aku jual kat ko :D